A Quick Q + A with Bill Blass' Chris Benz

Stepping into the position as Creative Director of a famous namesake label is certainly no easy task, but being a young veteran of the fashion industry, Chris Benz is more than up for the challenge. Benz is now leading a major over-haul and relaunch of Bill Blass, and we were able to pick his brain about what he has in store for the iconic American label.

Can you talk to us about how the company has evolved over time? How has the business been affected by the constant introduction of new trends, and how does the company keep up/adjust?

We have really been flexible and responsive to what the customer wants from the brand. So much of the re-imagination of the brand has been a group effort – everyone has a feeling about what the brand represents and how the product should look. Because there is so much heritage, it has been my job to control the new message and try to make everyone happy. After all, Bill Blass has always been about chic, easy, breezy happy fashion, so that’s always the goal.

Since we began the brand relaunch, it has always been the intent to ebb and flow the product mix in accordance with what gains traction. Interestingly, footwear has always been the best selling category, which is why we have decided to concentrate fully on this category for now, and continue to develop the assortment and offerings.

What is unique/sets Bill Blass apart from other brands?

Fantastic color, comfort, and design.

Who is the Bill Blass customer/muse?

Our customer is the modern woman. She’s mobile, independent, and carefree.

Can you tell us a little bit about what's new with the brand? What direction is the brand headed this season?

Spring is always about fun fresh styles in shoes for Bill Blass. Slides and sandals are both great style categories for us, since they can carry embellishment so well. Espadrilles have always been a key item, and will continue to be for SS18, as well as our core Sutton Slip-On in new colors and materials.
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Q & A by FN PLATFORM BLOG on JUNE 26, 2017





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