4 reasons
to switch to
the Sutton

4 reasons to switch to the Sutton

Ever on the fence about a fashion-related purchase? We’ve all been there. Here are 4 reasons why buying the Sutton may be the best way to get off the fence and back on trend.

1. Kill the Look Not the Earth. Not to brag, but the entire Sutton collection is dedicated to earth-friendly production. Don’t get us started on the Knit Totes constructed with yarn from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Or the cushioned footbeds of the Suede Slip-ons made of castor bean oil- so plush, seriously- and an outsole made entirely of wild, natural rubber. The Sutton Sneakers? Produced with D2W which allows the shoes to biodegrade without leaving behind any trace of toxins. Classic styles backed by cutting edge technology, but we’re definitely not bragging.

2. Stunning Design. Every shoe in the Sutton collection comes in a range of colors from dreamy earth tones to bright fuchsias and deep blues. Unique styles for your ever changing mood? Yes, please! This is great for the girl who falls in love with a particular silhouette or fit but craves variety. With the Sutton, shoe-burnout is a thing of the past!   
Woman wearing our Navy Knit Sneaker and Navy Sutton Tote Bag on a pier by the ocean

Woman wearing our Navy Knit Sneaker and Navy Sutton Tote Bag on a pier by the ocean
Sutton Slip On rainbow color wheel

3. Elevate Your Sneaker Game, Literally. We’re all for the sneaker wave. But we also love some height in our footwear that athleisure often overlooks. Answer: The Sutton Sneaker. The sneakers’ 1.5 inch platform coupled with its slim facade, makes your legs look effortlessly longer and lets everyone at the party know you’ve arrived. 

4. A Tote-worthy Tote. Canvas totes are flimsy and prone to wear and tear with each use (high-risk when it comes to carrying electronics). Leather totes feel more structured but compromise flexibility and stretch. The Sutton Tote is the perfect happy medium. Made from sturdy yet pliable recycled yarn, the Sutton tote can carry it all: your laptop, textbooks, a gym outfit, and then some. With reinforced handles that don’t dig into your skin and a variety of colors and sizes, the Sutton Tote will be your best travel companion. 
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